Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Philippians 1:18-20

"I trust my life will bring honor to Jesus Christ"  Could I say that? mmmm.  I don't believe I can say that with confidence.

"the message of Christ is preached either way, so I rejoice"  This makes me wonder how many petty fights within the body of Christ we could avoid if we all put this idea first.

And there is the rub....when we put Christ first, we win -- we bring glory and honor to him.  When we put ourselves first....well...for a while it may seem okay -- but it won't last.  A couple of years ago, Bill said he thought selfishness was the true definition of evil.  The more I see, the more I live, the more I really find that to be true.  When it is a me first attitude we can truly be capable of terrible things that hurt others -- some irreparably.

Dearest Lord, help me to rejoice when you are being honored.  I pray that my life will be an honor to you Lord.  Help me to continue to surrender my "me-oriented' agenda and love as you first loved me.  Amen.

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