Monday, April 15, 2013

Philippians 1:27

"Standing together united for one purpose" I wonder how sad Paul and Jesus himself are when the see the petty squabbles that church congregations get efficiently it leads us astray from doing the work of fighting for the gospel which is the Good News. I know I've gotten involved with church squabbles...and I regret some of the actions I took in defense of my opinion. I can only be responsible for myself and I'm pretty confident that I let Jesus down. I certainly wasn't blameless. Thankfully, I'm forgiven by God. and hopefully, I've learned a lesson, learned from my mistakes -- after all there are so many new ones I can make. And if only that were a joke.

Oh Lord, thank you for your immense patience and love for us. I know we don't deserve it and yet you freely give it. Amazing love. Give us the strength to continue to strive and grow into the people you created us to be for your Glory. Amen.

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